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date: 21/07/11
Adventure department
Curated by Max Ford
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Lunchtime, Sunday the 22nd of August, 2010: Snow
Electrosonic II [rocket project]
Of Cliffes, Craggs and Arches [March 2010]
Sim Pedals II
Launch: Electrosonic 1
yashica scans
argus scans
Dennis' helicopter shooting sim
Facing Worlds, digital / virtual photography, 2009
Electrosonic [rocket project]
Paths, pinhole / 4x5 transparencies, 2008
wellington falls 7th Dec. 2008 1:10PM, looking up
wellington falls 30th Nov. 2008 3:30PM, looking down
9:40PM, Thursday the 13th of November, 2008: looking north
Alone in the Dark, 35mm black & white prints, 2006
serious, scientific propulsion project: phase 1
Decay, 35mm colour prints, 2007
Desktop sim pedals
launch: FSE353 Journal
grassroots landscapes, pinhole / colour prints, 2007
Targa Cars, 2008
exceedingly poor judgement
rocket times of yore and pages thus pertaining
PVC rocket
launch: final moon
destination: moon
BBQ propellant + moar - offworld destination
MORE aluminium micro motors
electric igniters - offworld destination
Coningham burns, 2008
potassium nitrate for all! - ebay
e-media site 2, 1