Larger, basic PVC missile

welcome to a new experience in internets: realtime interactive 3D, which you only need Java 1.1 for.

i'm using it to display this rocket i made. its a bit of old PVC pipe i had lying about, and a lump of PVA/Putty i didnt want to waste. i formed the nozzle with foil impressions of the 20mm nozzle i already had, but drilled the throat out to around 7mm.

the rocket hung around in my shed for 2 months as uni interevened, packed with the last of the dark peanut-coloured propellant that i made with the new KNO3. there was about 260 grams of it in there, pushed in warm and epoxied at the top. a small steel bulkhead with a touch-hole holds a charge of gunpowder leading to the forward section of the rocket, which is full of aluminium foil bits, sparklers and some crappy powdered propellant mix that i needed to get rid of.

the nosecone is compacted aluminium foil [aerospace-grade] and the fins are hyperspace-certified cereal box card, duck-taped on. rod guides are McDonalds straw. <-- Remove the underscore below if a background is required --> Please view this with a java enabled browser.

right-click and drag to rotate the model, left-click and drag to move it around, and middle-click and drag to zoom.


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