to the skies!

little PVC rocket - launch 2

this being the 13th, wednesday and the 2nd of 2008, it was decided [by a high council] that the little PVC rocket [i havent thought of an unarguably pertinent name for it yet that combines mudcrabs and outlandishly optmistic space travel euphemisms] would fly for a second time.

since the maiden voyage its been rebuilt from the fins back, using a PC Powerplay issue 57 coverdisc, epoxy and some scrap piping. also, the chute wrapper is different now, made from thin P.E.T [cherry tomato punnet] and secured closed with a wrap of teflon plumbers tape, the second coolest household material after foil. the teflon tape is cellotaped to the chute wrapper at one end and the forward fuselage line at the other end, and the chute wrapper is hinged in two equal halves with cellotape to make sure it falls away quickly. this provides a positive way of undoing the teflon tape and unwrapping the chute, while retaining all parts for re-use. for this launch i made another aluminium micro motor, this time with a controversial [as in i-dunno-if-it-even-works] two-phase configuration detailed on the above-linked page.

success! the nitrocellulose igniters are so far 100% reliable, they just take a couple of seconds to flare [i even charged the battery this time]. altitude was estimated at about 80m [from fall time of a bit over 4 seconds] and this is consistent, even a bit better, than the previous motor which had a similar configuration [but grew another nozzle at some point].
but this motor had TWO of those configurations. just after the rocket's fortunate soft-sand landing, the second phase lit perfectly. it sounds identical to the first phase and made the rocket skitter around its forward fuselage on the sand, unfortunately shattering a fin. stupid mudcrabs.

so apart from the ejection charge not working again, and the breaking of a fin, this was jolly good i say!


BUT... will Flash Gordon survive the bug onslaught!?