home-made drill-press jumbo chuck

i need a bigger chuck for my drill press, as its current one is 13mm, which is a pretty small nozzle diameter. doing without is awkward and involves buying conical cutting bits, buying a milling chuck is enormous overkill for a 1/2 horsepower drillpress.

so i might make one.

first i will need a large, strong disc-shaped thing, 10cm+ wide.
it should be made of steel, 1cm thick, with a 1cm shaft cleanly attached to one side.
something like a pulley, gear, flywheel or something...

then i will need three big, strong steel joiners for threaded rods.
they need to be about 2.5cm long, 5mm wide inside, flat-faced outside and fine-threaded.

then i need some 5mm bolts, 3 4cm long ones and 6 2cm long ones, threaded like the joiners and preferably cap headed. and 6 matching nylock nuts.

two short ones need to be neatly welded to either end of a joiner, and thrice be the number of these contraptions.

then suitable holes need to be drilled in the disc, in a three straight radial lines of 5, 120 degrees apart. the contraptions secure into these holes with the nylock nuts, and a 3-jaw independant chuck is born, with a capacity of about 45mm, and hopefully substantial holding power.

here is a virtual one for increased clarity: OOPS! Please view this with a java enabled browser. !DAT IZ SUM JAVA!

right-click and drag to rotate the model, left-click and drag to move it around, and middle-click and drag to zoom.

this seems do-able, so maybe i'll have some pictures of a non-virtual sort to add sometime soon...

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