At first there was only darkness, and then the lord spaeketh saying, "fire thine lAz0rz!!1"

and it was good

Things that Went

launch: PVC III
launch: PVC II
PVC rocket

launch: final moon
launch: moon V
launch: moon IV
launch: moon III
launch: moon II
destination: moon

unthawed propulsion systems
huge tools done dirt cheap?

In the beginning,

Potassium Nitrate was bought via ebay in a 1kg bag, airmailed from yorkshire. It arrived weeks later misleadingly labeled, and from that point experiments commenced:

see if it'll burn with sugar - it burns!

first rocket with oven-baked rocket candy - didnt work very well, drying candy helped but a little. main breaker tripped 4 times, but electric [240v] ignition attained!

new candy - accidentally added too much sugar and caramelised it badly, it was like slightly flamable toffee

first functional motors - rolled from propper card and wood-glued, dried PVA-putty nozzles and one lemon with a cork-and-junk nozzle. i painstakingly mixed extra oxidiser into the 2nd batch and successfully tested and flew one of these motors on a stick. this was so groundbreaking it gets its own page

good fast-burning propellant made on 3rd attempt, incorporating balance scales and an electric frying pan. the rockets were revolutionised - from fizzers to bangers.