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date: 21/10/08
fore-dated entry. this subject is all handed in! i'll miss it.

what did i write about the website again?

date: 20/10/08

topic: oh my god.

it happens when they change something, and they ALWAYS change something.

this time, they changed sIFR to version 3 and allowed version 2 to become incompatible with the latest flash player.

which i have. and i only realised this about 2 hours ago, and in my confused state i attempted to upgrade to version 3.

now, its comprehensively broken on both pages. oh well, i'm past caring.

date: 13/10/08
the final website is due on monday, at 9am. so is the final business skills submission. photography is due about a week later :O

and thats it.

date: 02/10/08
oktober update:

prototype site done, still to do on it:

lots of css changes like rounded corners,
better colours,
better rollovers,
and layout scaling fixes.

oh and some content :)


also dont have gallery 1, 2 3, etc, instead call pages and have buttons shortcutting to sets of images, appropriately titled

and move the contact link form to the bottom of the page - footer.

date: 23/09/08
the deadline for the prototype site is looming, and its looming because drupal is NOT co-operating.

non-co-operation includes being too damn sophisticated, confusing and slow, having too many stylesheets and not enough drag and drop layout options. and too many layout images to boot.

so i've decided to stop using it and re-do sam's site in html, css, javascript and maybe some php for a contact form.

in going with what i know i hope it wont seem like a slight re-theme of my own site and will instead be an evolution of my design ideas and capabilities. for example, i want to start using sIFR really WELL, and a minimal, low-text site such as this would be the perfect application, where Image headings would have otherwise been employed.

also i want rounded corners on page elements, cool css states for a:hover, a:active, a:visited, a:clicked or whatever. i think presentation and simplicity should be the most important things here, keeping it so Sam can modify and create pages with basic html that don't break the theme.

date: 19/09/08
today my bro and i worked through the php add and edit files to figure out how it was possible to write unauthorised entries by guessing form.php

both add and edit simply needed an else statement after the initial authorisation check so the script stopped if it couldnt match the code.

so now its not possible to post without being logged in anymore. we hope. instead, haxx0rzs should be plonked back at the index for their troubles [for now, till i figure out something more unpleasant]

also this has been applied to my main domain diary which shares the system

of course theres no evidence of actual haxxoring but on the internet you can never be too paranoid :)

date: 28/08/08

A Toast To TestDisk

without which, there would be no guestbook for you to sign!

seriously, testdisk is awesome. it repaired the boot sector on my USB drive [yarp, USB got bootsectors] and it didnt try to sell me pR3skr1Pti0n P1l7z.

go get it here and sometime i'm going to host it internally such is its import.

i also got the FTP operation done in 30 seconds here, both through Mac OsX 10.4 Terminal ftp mput, and then properly by dreamweaver. shame on the utas proxy server, as usual.

date: 25/08/08

prototype site

finally i have an idea of what sort of website i might make for my prototype and final site. apparently many students decide to develop a portfolio site that may perhaps go live when finished, but i already have one of those really, which i quite like and would likely expand / refine instead of replace.

but SAM would like a portfolio online, and he doesnt have one, and he doesnt have any web knitting skills either. so perhaps he is my client, a productive and sensible arrangement, no?

the site would be based on the Drupal CMS, because traditional web design is too easy, not very flexible, not very modern, not very dynamic, and he surely wants all that stuff.

well, actually his only design brief criteria as scribbed on a bit of paper were:

term used ---------------- my interp
sleek ------------------ plain, no 70's wallpaper
black -------------------- dark colourscheme
modernist ---------------- square

the last two i agree with, they make sense or are intrinsically practical.
the sleek bit, i dunno. might have to go AWOL on that one d:-E

date: 21/08/08
this is the third internet i'll talk about, and the most advanced / 2.0 of all:

WHY: an incredible and freely available web application that supports the whole Live for Speed
its an online stats portal for the live for speed master server, and it gives out information in
INCREDIBLE detail. it tracks traffic, race results, account statistics, development news, community
activities, world records and server statuses. its overseen by one guy, victor, and is written in ajax
with the odd bit of flash. one example of a great new feature is the hotlap analyser, which is a flash
application for comparing and investigating single laps. it replaces a range of stand-alone analyers
and simplifies / streamlines the process to encourage everyone to use the functionality.
lfsworld forms the real-time, persistent backbone of the live for speed community, basically.

the site is presented as a desktop complete with double-click and dragable icons and a
customisable wallpaper. normally this would be terrible and very, very slow and difficult to use, but
somehow this loads really fast despite all the scripting and graphics it employs. for such an
advanced website there is no flash frontend - you get a login prompt. and once you clear that the
page just loads.
the icons, when double-clicked, open windows which continue the idea of the website as an
interface with a computer and its programs. the windows can be dragged around, resized and
layered like a proper desktop interface and they all update automatically as necessary. the website
is very much about individual utilisation and interaction and the through and responsive desktop
"environment" is vital to make this intention clear.


-the default colours are a bit ugly, like linux i suppose.
-its not quite as fast as an actual OS
-on slow internet i expect its painful
-there are a lot of icons, the use of many isnt immediately obvious
-you have to login, or be a "Guest"

+easy to use
+pretty fast
+works everywhere i have tried it
+awesome use of flash
+awesome use of java
+a real "web OS" full of "web applications"

date: 20/08/08
one website i'd like to look at for my presentation will be fusionanomaly for its unique approach to content creation, navigation, focus, and awesome web design that it didnt "update" and so much the better for it we are.

but i wont make it a primary discussion. might slip it in somewhere as a mention.

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