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date: 15/11/09
its been a busy week. 11/11, my 9800 finally died, of causes unknown, though probably related to old-age. 2003-2009, much loved, rest in peace

13/11, i planted my first garden, its very small and quaint.

14/11, i bought machinarium and its amazing

last week-ish, i completed the generation 2 of my sim pedals

thus i have lots of things to add to this website [not the same things necessarily] and need to get on with it!

date: 30/08/09

remove kno3 link, move OLD rocket links to rocket times of yore page

update this one with more news / photos, its been a month lazybones.

complete some of your photo pages, they are still a mess :(

organise front page

new policy on sifr: its rubbish, only use for monotype corsiva headings, thats IT.

fix the svg. somehow. it must be fixed.

also random images: some are too small, some are too big , oversize ones must be seen to. [done]

date: 25/08/09
almost-recently, i graduated! on the 8th of August i received my certificate of admission to the degree of bachellor of fine art from the university of Tasmania, and i got to keep the mortarboard hat.

i wasn't looking forward to this occasion very much however. ceremonies make me a bit nervous even if, in this case, i am sort of the guest of honour. but when came the hour, so stopped the buck, and i really enjoyed it. now i wish i could do it again, and get much better pictures :)

the gowns and strange paraphernalia were fascinating and only a little bit intimidating. the hood attachment for my battle suit was much more concerning and seemed continually on the wayward slide to a less ceremonially correct but more stable position.
i never thought i'd
1: be proud to have finished or
2: miss uni and consider returning

but i feel a little bit of both at the moment. this last, 7th semester re-awakened some of the basic feelings that led me to art school in the first place - the prospect of creative expansion, an opportunity to do something new, the importance of play and experimentation to drive imagination and invention, and just 'making things' being a valid and honest activity for me.

that i am restless, wound up and prone to expression makes sense now and i don't feel badly, i know i'll always be a bit like that and thats what i mainly learned.
i went to the botanical gardens last week and i want to work there now. it seems just the right mix of practical, technical, useful and creative, with a foundation of natural, healthy and in the common interest. i wonder if they want you to have a horticulture certificate...
the day after i graduated, i launched electrosonic too. lots of friends and friends of friends showed up to lend their support and it was mostly successful and thoroughly enjoyable. the project had been barely in progress, barely in hibernation, for so long, that the moment of ignition was one of letting go in a very real sense, and seemed quite significant. of course now i see it is at most a cement step, above and beyond which others will be made.
ever since my beloved Olympus was stolen in june[?] i've been thinking of, researching, and losing sleep over a replacement. finally, i've spent money on it! now i am waiting for it to arrive...

date: 23/07/09
Electrosonic is functional as of this afternoon! well ok, it needs to be coupled properly. with some al-foil, that is. and launch rail isnt totally complete. and main ignition battery probably needs a top-up.

but apart from those things, its really ready! done! and i can even say, not substantially differently to The Plan. i even impress myself sometimes :-)

so i had best TELL EVERYONE, right?

date: 17/06/09
Today I decided to register a domain for this website. Even though I really kinda like, and Alan has generously bought me, I believe I should have something that isn't a subdomain of, as my website and its content isn't really related to its parent domain, and any visitors to my site that decide to check out the parent domain as indicated in thier address bar, or forget the "diversion." bit at the start, might be a bit non-plussed.

Plusss, I also really like, and may also register either as another domain of the same site or as a separate site for god knows what. I've used that name online for just about as long as I can recall but I don't know exactly what the website attached to it would be like, if it were separate to my one, current website [this one].

One thing I'm not deliberating over is the registrar - DreamHost for about $12 a year is pretty much as good a "deal" as anywhere else, except without the aggressive, gaudy, tacky and snake-oily bullshit-infested presentation and atmosphere of places like, which basically remind me of Satan's pinboard. DreamHost already [though unofficially] host this site [via] and they seem to do everything they're meant to. I like their website better than most, too :)

Of course now the impulse has struck me, I'm waiting on PayPal, who's website I like less than most, solely because of the self-promoting splash-images that resemble the back of a cereal box. YOU DONT NEED TO ADVERTISE YOURSELF ON YOUR SITE WHEN YOU PROVIDE A UNIQUE AND UNCHALLENGED SERVICE THAT EVERYONE IS FAMILIAR WITH >:E

Go fund some decent rockets already!

date: 17/05/09
after many months of getting very little done, yesterday i put together the 1 inch aluminium/ceramic motor once more. inside is roughly 160 grams of propellant in 6 bates grains. the cores are a bit irregular but i arranged them with the largest at the base, so i think it'll be ok. the ignitor is not yet installed, a luxury afforded by the new design of the forward closure. its all glad wrapped so i will take pictures when i wire it all up. this is probably the biggest step required, so now the electrosonic launch checklist is:

1: make, install and wire motor ignition system, with pull-pin contacts. also motor mount, is it secure?

2: finish parachute shroud tug-line setup that releases the parachute to unfurl when tension comes on the fishing line.

3: check chute deployment speed again

4: turn attention to rail launcher - guy lines and lubrication, how can binding be greatly reduced or avoided?

5: couple mid-coupler with alfoil

6: check C.G against aerolab C.P and C.G

7: select a site...

not much to do really, when i try to write it all down. though most points could [are likely to] be fraught with frustration.

date: 06/05/09
a quick reminder-note to self: dennis is making an awesome sabotage drum and bass skitz mixx and i'm going to put successive builds on a webpage here with some words about them.

[edit] 10 may 09: just mixed a batch of propellant to cook in a thick-bottomed stainless steel pot, on the stove, which should power the first launch of electrosonic!!

also i wrote [choppr.html] for suspiciously sabotage-esque developments

date: 25/04/09

its ANZAC day and its raining, which i suppose is fittingly sombre, but i wanted to go outside today! in fact i was somewhat counting on it. anyway.

i updated the pedals page, with details on fan-made pedals which are pretty awesome. i cant say i've not had time to do more, but i haven't had the energy - all play and no work makes max a tired boy! i intend to put up more photography stuff very soon, and im investigating the SVG problems too.
its becoming clear that a major layout update [though not necessarily change] may be on the cards as i make this site more polished and consistent... or try to

date: 27/03/09
i've relocated, and i dont mean i've moved all the site files over to a new server, i mean i myself moved house.

officially, about a week ago really. its taken a while to get the net back on, but now its nailed up and im ready to... well, fix sifr once and for all, for a start. some of those fonts im using are huge, huge files.

my rocket, electrosonic, is standing in the living room by the heater. it needs a motor and various other pyrotechnics, and of course a launch site. it needs these before the rain and wind get any more wintry.

theres always so much to do so i hope i can get more done, per hour wasted, than previously. this is what i always hope, i figure persistence has to pay off eventually

date: 20/02/09
i have been meaning to post an update here, and so i am going to while i wait for quake live to finish updating. quake live is pretty awesome, not least because it runs on my computer. i beat crash in the placement match narrowly, after i paid more attention to hoarding the megahealth and armour.

but enough about quake, im also updating some pages on the site, such as my pinhole 2008 page. im not going to try to resent each framed image on its own, because this breaks the original idea and the way the installation worked. so i will have relatively few pictures, just enough to illustrate, and a bit more text. i seem to change my mind a fair bit about this series so its always good to try to write something that reads like it is making sense.

i also have some rocket project pages to update, because i've been making progress on that, and im thinking of implementing new site features, for example a random header image system, that displays a range of header images.

silly ones, oh what internet genius, ready my webby awards!

i also want to fix the typography, because honestly there isnt much else to the site except for silly gifs, ugly boxes and lots of words. best make them look nice and load fast :)

now get clicking:

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