Journal \ Notes

1: Work from year 12: "battle of the beasts" made with 3D studio Max.

bezier skeletons and a surface modifier were used for the dinosaurs

it was a 3D re-creation of this image, inspired by a article by tom "moof" davies.

2: Toy Story and Finding Nemo are both good examples of worlds-within-worlds, and transition between worlds.

'startling new discoveries' happen a lot in toy story

as well as in finding nemo - the fish are stylistically similar, theres internal and external, transition between worlds, a lost-and-found narrative, and even a treasure chest! RIGHT THERE!

3. Citizen Kane - classic movie about a man's ascent to living legend and then descent into madness, isolation and death. there is an undercurrent of a lost and longed-for childhood, and the way power and success flows eventually into narcissism and excess.

the little snow dome symbolises the ever-present, ever-familiar world of the mind. it becomes his most prized posession, because it reminds him of the one thing he wants above all else - to escape back to his childhood. he dies with it in his hand and it drops to the floor, rolls away and smashes.

4: games are a world within the computer. the best ones offer compelling experiences, perhaps exploring alien worlds, or interacting with complete strangers to achieve a common goal , or simply exploding legious of vampire robot monsters in a hilarious and spectacular way.

psychonauts - a perfect example, adventures inside the heads of kids and staff at a summer camp, so worlds within another world thats within this world.. which is within...?

often this extendeds to sub-worlds such as this board-game, which itself has various scales of interaction.

also, the visual style is fantastic anf full of detail. note the bizzare faces in the clouds.


5: Tool video clips: tool's songs often incorporate concepts of internal worlds and infinite patterns. thier video clips are renowned for thier dark, surreal and almost monotone imagery, creepy stop-frame animation, jedi mind tricks and highly detailed models.

"sober" in particular features lots of hidden worlds, pandoras boxes and weirdness underlying even more weirdness. a little grey meat-puppet man sticks his hand below the floorboards and it is seen waving over a black void. he removes a section of pipe to find it flowing with a foul pink pulsating substance.

6: Fractals

there is an idea that if the universe is indeed infinite, it may repeat itself in the form of fractals. fractals have been popping up everywhere we look which makes the idea quite elegant.