Project 2

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The idea i had of this project was that it would take what i had started with the first project and use it to explore those themes of internal and external, of artificial reality and worlds within worlds. i wanted to express the thrill of re-discovering something half-forgotten, as i did with this little treasure chest, the related experience of seeing something familiar in a new way and at that moment witnessing yourself change. but more importantly i enjoyed modeling the chest and found that as i did, parallels with the inner mind, worlds beyond our own and even the fractal universe popped out.

I planned to expand on what i'd done with Blender in the first project aswell, learning new texturing techniques like UV unwrapping, vertex and texture painting and the node-table material system, particles and physics simulation and finally animation.

This proved to be much too ambitious. I ended up only managing to complete the texturing, however i learnt a lot of new techniques and concepts, some being Blender-specific but most applicable to 3D graphics in general. I found many of the unique aspects of Blender to be very powerful and although the learning curve is very steep, it is free and highly flexible. best of all its in constant development - a new version was released while i was using it - so broken things dont go unfixed long.