the initial conflagration, which didnt last long. i mean configuration.


though the name came later, this is my first actual rocket, with a lightweight, hollow symmetrical construction, fins at the bottom, a nosecone on the top, and a parachute stowed inside for "safety".

the body tube is about 50cm long and has an inner diameter of about 25mm. it is made from heavy green paper that i had left over from failing first year graphic design, and rolled several layers thick, with PVA glue in between. crafty!

the nosecone is balsawood, donated by my mate Alan. i wrapped the bottom in masking tape and the top in foil. space-y!

the three fins are cut to a fancy shape from thin card and cloth-taped to the fuselage. all the lines are radioactive pink nylon builders line. the chute is a large plastic bag with two seams and the remaining corner cut off - its stable with only two lines.

the first test was a complete failure. the motor and fuel were abyssmal, and the over-complicated motor end combined with the under-engineered recovery system and oversized ejection charge resulted in everything melting and sticking together.