Targa Tasmania 2008 - official finish @ scary casino

Mercifully, i didnt need to get within audible range of the pokies to see [and take mostly crap pictures of]:

the Nissan GTR. its not a skyline anymore, but it might be an R35. faster than the Zonda 'round the 'ring, and very impressive in its hugeness. there was no hope of getting a veiw of the other end, but im told there is an engine in there somewhere.

Fiat 750 Abarth. i particularly like the colour.

a 205 turbo 16, the non-banned road legal version.

right next to it: a daytona coupe, a unidentified yellow thing that i suspect is an australian kit-car, and an exige.


by itself away from the other cars and surrounded by shifty-looking louts in racy hats and even shiftier-looking security persons in fluro-orange vests.
at that moment an unflamboyantly attried, 30-ish couple squeezed through the crowd, got in, and drove it away.

... :O ...

on with the show: a terrifying e-type engine.

a terrifying front end

and a terrifying local entry

OH yes, the best firebird ever. this is so much cooler than any of the other yank tanks. its about 20m long.

hells yea git r done

a missile switch in a fiat 500.

an alfa romeo montreal. the louvres retract when the headlights come on. it also has a v8, limited slip diff and tonnes of chrome.

the saint, a truly massive volvo P1800s. the chrome runs all the way down the shoulder and turns into FINS at the back. it looks awesome.

an ancient vauxhaul, with evidence of racing coming from the rollbar and a rich atmosphere of evaporated race fuel, making it smell like a fighter plane. the little teardrop sidelights and dainty tail-lights should have fallen off 50 years go.

And finally, this is the second car i saw and my favourite overall, a Suzuki Cappuccino. Driven by a germanic couple like in SuperTroopers, there were really nice and unsuprisingly very skinny. they confided in me thier contempt for the "boats" that surrounded them - they are definitely on the wrong continent.
Anyway, it has a forward-mid mounted 660cc Turbo inline 3, with an intercooler up front and 50/50 weight distribution. it reminds me of an S2000, or a dodge viper, but cooler than both.

aluminium suspension all round, zero-100km/h in 8 seconds, 40mpg everywhere and electronically limited to 140km/h. big garret turbos and enlarged plumbing can double HP on stock internals. i want one, THE END.