be told.

shelf life = ?

i made this at least 4 months ago and put it in a jar. today i got it back out:

i screwed up the exposure on my camera so the scale's dial is actually invisible. it burnt properly for about .6 of a second, with a maximum of about 1.6kg of thrust, but that's a huge guess.

there was a bit of a problem with the ignitors - steel scourer wire filaments and gunpowder/nitrocelulose laquer. in that they didnt really work the first time. i think it was dodgey lead contacts, the 2nd anf 3rd ones i tried worked very quickly. fine ground gunpowder or sparkler material might be better, the startup was a bit touch-and-go.

and, the ejection charge didnt work. it seems to absorb water, so the new policy will be to leave it un-drilled and un-filled until the last minute.

there is one more left to try this with. maybe in a rocket...